Astrology becomes academic in Turkey for the first time

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Astrology courses begin at the Academy of Astrology at University of Istanbul Aydin. 3 months (3 hour of week) program registration has already booked up.

Istanbul- University of Aydin is opening the Academy of Astrology program. The first course is offered under the program on March 26, includes techniques of astrology, making natal chart and applied education studies. One of the Educator Astrologer Devrim Yılmazer has explained the aim of the first education program in Turkey.” We would like to introduce the science of astrology which has great importance in the history of civilization to the people of Turkey.” Olcay Cetinkaya, Education Coordinator of Continuing Education Center of University of Aydin said this academy voiced great interest and explained “ For the program will take 3 months and we have created 45 hours courses. Total fee is 750 TL, our quota was filled for 15 people, we will give certification approved by YÖK to people who have completed the training.”

Astrologer and Journalist Devrim Yılmazer studies the astrology over the 25 years said” Through the eyes of the positive sciences, astrology is recognized as not a science but from this perspective, neither theology nor philosophy is a science. When we talk astrology it comes to mind fortune telling. Fortune tellers try to make a statement with their feeling and they argue that they sharply determine the future unlike the science. Astrology existed for centuries and is a science which is described by the mathematical equation …”

Astrologer Devrim Yılmazer explained of those gratuated from the academy could be educator. Also they are giving consultancy in almost every field. For example, they could say which date is appropriate for company’s founding or which option will bring luck who has two options by using natal chart. There is most demand in politics. Many goverment leader around the world working with astrologers. For example former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was such a leader.

Emre Ozturk, Aksam newspaper


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