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Excerpt from Astrology and Free Will, Vienna University, Astrologer Devrim Yilmazer’s thesis…


Collected from the works and/or speeches of 16 astrologer who lived between BC 600 and AC 300 or those who gave opinion on the subject:
„In the works of Homer, inevitable fate has a very important place. Orphics tell about the freedom of spirit.

Thales, conjoined the free will with astrology.

Pythagoreans emphasize the free choice of the spirit.

According to Plato, life is made up from necessity and the mind; the mind rules over the necessity and before birth, the spirit has a free will.
For Stoans, Logos, fate and god is the same thing; in their regard there is an unchanging order but those have a mind, links himself to the all involving Logos.

Poseidonius, he himself being a Stoan, following this tradition, tells about the idea of sympathy which connects all the parts of the world together; cosmos is a living being with a mind and a spirit.

Cicero is a cynic however tells about the importance of fate for order. For Philo the Alexandrian, there is prescience but the events are not inevitable. Logos is a tape that holds all the parts of the space together.

Another Stoan, Seneca tells that fatum is an inevitable obligation which could not be stopped by any outside force; for him, the person who’s free is the one who acts according to the cosmic laws created by the stars.

Marcus Manilius tells us about a freedom which enables us to make a decision between good and evil.

Ptolemy tells about opposable and inevitable destinies.

Valens gives an opinion convenient with the Stoan tradition.

Origenes tells that the stars cause nothing, on the contrary they show the events. Plotin speaks about the stars showing the events, however they don’t have causal effects. The upper spirit is free, the one gets effected by the stars is the lower spirit. Wise human is the one who controls his star.
Finally, Firmicus Maternus also talks about free will.


Thus, the results from the qualitative analyses of the sources researched by me may be summarized like this:

1. Basically, in the mentioned works, a connection which could be understood as causal or symbolic, between celestial bodies and earthly events, is referred.

2. Astrological constellations have an essential importance in the events or the fate of a life.

3. According to many writers of the Antique Age, the order of the cosmos was a self-proving and indisputable subject. However, humans are basically free spiritually.”

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Devrim Yılmazer

Translate from Turkish: Mehmet Günüşen


About Devrim Yılmazer

Devrim Yilmazer was born in 24 February 1975 in Ankara. He has a masters degree from the University of Wien in Journalism and Communication Science. He graduated by delivering his thesis in 01.07.2009 under the title “Astrology, Fate and Free Will in Ancient Greek Literature”. In 2006, for the Philosophy Department which he took as a side study, he gave his article “Astrology and Science”.

Other than these, he wrote various articles on the XI. House magazine. Yilmazer, who was interested in astrology since 1989, is one of the directors of the Astrology Turkey website and the Astrology group, director of the DataBank and AstroDaily and one of the partners of the Zodiac Astrology Publishing. Also, he is a lecturer of astrology in the Istanbul Aydin University.

He brought the Tetrabiblos, which was translated for countless times globally, to Turkey after 500 years. He has various active book projects. Among these, there is the book series called the Astrologica, which he’s planning to write by expanding his thesis in the University of Wien and another of his works, which is a mundane one called İl İl Astrolojik Türkiye, to other ages, by not keeping them limited to Ancient Greek.

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