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Türkçe versiyonunu okumak için lütfen tıklayın: Durağan Merkür ve 300 Senelik Lanet


For the last 3 days, I’ve been struggling with the summer hours list management. But there was a problem during the job; I was looking at the same point for half an hour and I couldn’t move. My brain was like it was stopped, numb. I thought it was something trivial, I was resuming my job think It would pass soon, but the result was always the same; a couple of fixed, blurred, stable and tired eyes. It seems that I had a 300 years old curse on me. I’ve noticed it thanks to Devrim Dölen.

The reason was evident. Stationary Mercury. If you have a clinging, unfinished business from the past, a backward Mercury position may become ideal for a return and this way you can get rid of this effect in a positive way. Also, in these type of businesses, I think it’s a highly logical and natural situation to expect especially a backward Mercury. In the stableness, if you have job which you have to be slow, a position like this may be beneficial. But, you have to take into account that this position of Mercury is much harder, much worse than its backward position. A stationary planet position gives immobility, everything stops, and it would be hard to move anything from its place. The immobility of a planet, if supported by the Taurus, a situation with double stability would arise and you would stay put like this. I was just going to collect some newspaper clippings and it would be over…

I didn’t. A mistake at every point, a confusion at every point… Getting back to the same point over and over again and worse, not being able to leave that point.

Devrim Dölen, in 14 May, 20:59, in Izmir, put up a message about Benjamin Franklin on Facebook. A message beginning with the “god damn Benjamin Franklin invented the summer hours” continues while Benjamin’s stationary Mercury collides with my Mercury, and me, suicidal at that moment, beginning to get entertained with that message. It seems, while I was struggling with the summer hours list, Devrim Dölen was trying to complete her Stationary Planets article, on the other hand, Benjamin Franklin, who pushed the daisies a long time ago, was getting in conjunction with me. I’m trying to get rid of Benjo, but he sticks more. There is no limit to the curse. I think in the picture above, he is probably smiling to me, see for yourselves.




President of the United States, Benjamin with Aquarius Mercury, invented the summer hours to make savings on candles. In a Paris magazine, he wrote that it is needed to rearrange the hours first and I believe he detuned the astrology community. Even so, public institution of the Rebuplic of Turkey was officially paralyzed and dissolved financially and psychologically between 1978-1983, after that they decided to never change the hours, but the situation still continued and between those years, the hours was forwarded for 1, a couple hours, 0,7 or 2 hours and everything got confused more. But, because that the letter of Benjamin was full of jokes, it was hard to decide if his proposition was genuine. [Same resource] I want to express that I strongly condemn him.

In the Kombin map which shows the deep relationship between Franklin and me, the fact that the SMK is at the IX. house [a curse from a foreign country or foreigners; SMK also represents the past], greatly explains the character of the title of this article. Again in the Kombin map, the VII. house which shows our partnership collides with the Gemini sign and also in here [what a coincidence], the Mercury is stationary.


Another detail: According to in mundo which is one of the astrocartographic lines of Benjamin whose Pluto and Uranus are in the V. house [the joke he made in the letter above], Mars triangle MC line is getting through Kirsehir which my ancestral home, according to zodiacal choice, Mars triangle MC and Pluto triangle MC is once again getting through Kirsehir. I salute Franklin with love who loosed his Mars and Pluto on me and I wish a Turkey with stable hours.


Take care,

Devrim Yılmazer

15 May 2010, Izmir


Translate from Turkish: Mehmet Günüşen


About Devrim Yılmazer

Devrim Yilmazer was born in 24 February 1975 in Ankara. He has a masters degree from the University of Wien in Journalism and Communication Science. He graduated by delivering his thesis in 01.07.2009 under the title “Astrology, Fate and Free Will in Ancient Greek Literature”. In 2006, for the Philosophy Department which he took as a side study, he gave his article “Astrology and Science”.

Other than these, he wrote various articles on the XI. House magazine. Yilmazer, who was interested in astrology since 1989, is one of the directors of the Astrology Turkey website and the Astrology group, director of the DataBank and AstroDaily and one of the partners of the Zodiac Astrology Publishing. Also, he is a lecturer of astrology in the Istanbul Aydin University.

He brought the Tetrabiblos, which was translated for countless times globally, to Turkey after 500 years. He has various active book projects. Among these, there is the book series called the Astrologica, which he’s planning to write by expanding his thesis in the University of Wien and another of his works, which is a mundane one called İl İl Astrolojik Türkiye, to other ages, by not keeping them limited to Ancient Greek.

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