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Your Venus sign is Aries

The symbolic meaning of the Aries sign is leadership and individuality.  Material values are not really important for you. But, if there is a war to be won ahead of you, you can do all kinds of crazy things to gain resources with an unbelievable ambition.  Under normal circumstances, you don’t care about your money, frequently lend money and you could mostly suffer losses because of this. It is highly possible that you get into high risks with your money.

Even you’re earning good money, you should be careful with spending it. I mean, you should become a little stingy and be full of energy. You shouldn’t lend money to anyone but your closest friends. One the fields that you could earn money easily are ventures that you have a leadership or management position. If you could own your own company or instead of working for someone if you could have a freelance job, this is an area where your Venus can move freely.


Venus at Aries, Ingvar Kamprad



Your Venus sign is Taurus

The symbolic meaning of Taurus is to own things and to increase what you have. Material values are important for you and you can only feel safe if you don’t have any financial problems. Even a penny that gets lost hurts you. You really know your money well and you don’t do unnecessary charities. You have a weak spot for everything luxurious and have quality and comfort is essential to you.

You can try to take risk, though rarely. For the Taurus Venus, the opportunities to increase his material values are the investments he made. Instead of protecting what you have, you should get more and try to increase it. It is possible to earn money by increasing everything solid in this world. You can be lucky with natural arrangements like landscaping, art activities and especially with precious stones.



For example, one of the richest in the world, Lakshmi Mittal, arrived at his position by buying out small loss maker companies. You too, with small investments which also includes the stock market (not daily buy and sells medium to long term investments), could coincide with the symbolism of your Venus.

Your Venus sign is Gemini

The symbolic meaning of Gemini is communication. Your financial graphics are full of ups and downs and it changes all the time. Your phone bills are usually bigger than other people’s. You spend more easily on communication, travel, books and magazines and you earn money by your communication skills. Jobs about the internet, advertising and communication may earn you money. Alas, as you have the desire to spend as much as you earn, Gemini Venus people don’t get to become one of the world’s richest.

You should learn to protect what you have. Instead of spending to just to save the day, or spending your time on small amounts, the real problem is actually large amounts. Gemini sign is also known as the most cunning of the zodiac. You should use your communication skills in any job you have. Another meaning of the Gemini Venus is advertising. Whatever job you have, advertising is especially important for you, you shouldn’t disregard it and always have some funding for it. As you will get bored of jobs that wouldn’t occupy your thoughts and monotone work life, you shouldn’t waste your time on these things.



For example, the genius of the words, William Shakespeare, as the Gemini Venus predicted, with his success in communication and writing, left a magnificent fortune after him.

Your Venus sign is Cancer

The symbolic meaning of Cancer is safety and tradition. Material resources are essential to you, because you believe everything should have a solid base and you need to leave something for the future. Even though you don’t refrain from spending for your home and family, your desire to accumulate everything may make you stingy. You are the storage of the zodiac. As the common values mean so much to you, you may spend money on things you actually don’t really want.

To guarantee your financial situation, you should work for the public need. This is a real Cancer symbol. On the subject of realizing the deficiencies and needs in the public, you are a pioneer and a complete leader, use it. But you don’t have to ac so traditional, you may take a different approach if you will. Being occupied with land and property is also a real Cancer Venus symbolism. As long as you own the property, you should know that your investments in these fields are beneficial.



As Napoleon was a Cancer Venus who answered the needs of the people, Donald Trump, as the Cancer Venus referred, is a real estate rich. At the same time, Cancer Venus is in conjunction with Saturn (property symbolism) in his chart. The wealth during his life was once resulted in bankruptcy (Cancer symbolism: Up and Down), but later he recovered. He is known as the man who restored USA (or the architect of New York). His Venus Saturn conjunction, is actually in conjunction with Mercury at the 8th (change, transformation)house of USA.

As your Venus sign is fertile as the old saying goes, your financial situation will be full of ups and downs just like your ruler, the Moon. But mostly, you will have a position above average.



Your Venus sign is Leo

The symbolic meaning of Leo is to shine. Leo Venus people seem to be born for fame, even if they address so little a public. They stand out with their mobility, social activity, charm and charity. You value luxury and excess so much. Even if you’re not rich, you take care that from your clothes to the perfume you use, many of your belongings are quality brands. The same goes for leaving generous tips for waiters. As you feel all the eyes upon you and you see yourself at the center of events, you mostly spend on making yourself seem good.

Especially when you’re in love, (for Leo Venus people, love means life and it’s a field they cherish), the amount you spend may surprise other around you. Instead of spending lavishly, you should try to keep some of it. Don’t concern yourself too much about what other people think about you. Luxury doesn’t always mean quality. And when you’re in love, you should avoid doing great jests or giving everything to the other side. Because, afterwards, this could cause great financial problems. There are more that you should do. A Leo Venus person is showman, as we explained before. Whatever job you have, you should be able to turn into a visual entertainment for others.



For example, Leo Venus people like you, David Copperfield and Madonna, became celebrities not by being great at what they do, but being able to turn into a great show.

Your Venus Sign is Virgo

The symbolic meaning of the Virgo sign is to struggle and make something operational. Among many rich people, Virgo Venus have the 1st place statistically. You can see the statistical examples by clicking here. Virgo Venus people are known for making everything operational and being able to work for others (having a salary or a commission) in a routine basis. Because of this, the Virgo sign is considered by many astrologers as the sign of workers, accountants, commission workers or the retired. Those who keep lists and inventory for other people and work for others in a financial environment routinely (like commission work) are in this group. For you, having a stable income is more important than getting rich.

You believe that happiness will come with stability. You’re not extraordinary, different or creative (unless there are elements in your chart that says otherwise!) but your reward will come from your routine work, from the mediums and documents which you made operational for others, and with the salary and commission you receive for it. But, another symbol of the Virgo sign is “the pain caused by other people or inflicted upon them”. So, you should know that you’ll have many competitors in your field of work. The first thing done by a Virgo Venus and the richest man in history, Rockefeller, was to remove his competition.

The most important financial handicap of Virgo Venus people is the belief that everything financial will fit into classic norms. (According to my observations, they are the sign least interested in astrology because of this, and many anti astrologists have this sign.) Having a stable struggle on a subject is of course is a good behavior. While this will provide a stable income for a living, it won’t get you anywhere far. You can extend your vision like the richest people in history. Because your sign has an important advantage: Get things operational. This advantage is also considered as practicality, and you can use this profit psychology in your work life.



The Venus of Larry Ellison and John Davison Rockefeller, some of the richest people on Earth, is on the Virgo sign, just like you. Other than their extraordinary struggle to earn money, Larry Ellison’s milestone was to develop databases and making them more efficient, while for Rockefeller it was doing brokering for himself.

Your Venus Sign is Libra

The symbol of Libra is personal relationships like partnership or enmity and, trade. The comfort, luxury and beauty that comes with money, symbols of wealth are important for you. This kind of lifestyle requires money. You want all these to have a strong place in social life and to be loved by everyone. Social relationships, art events, aesthetic concept are an elitist lifestyle for you. As appearance is so important for you, you may pay for something over its worth just because its popular, even though it’s not good or necessary.

Most apparent feature of Libra Venus people is their need for partnership or social contacts, which is the symbol of their sign. To benefit from financial opportunities, you should have a partnership with someone with a business and social mind which you absolutely trust. Libra is a sign where Saturn is ascending. As the popular broker Delbert Gann said, global stock market is ruled by Saturn. Because of this, if your Venus is not under hard effects, having medium to long term investments in the stock market may be beneficial for you. Fashion, design and public relations are fields which you may excel. Politics are also under Libra.



A Libra Venus and one of the richest people, Warren Edward is known as the man who rummaged the Wall Street. Libra, in the same markets, as it’s doing it today, is the sign of “calculation”. They may predict what will be “valuable”.




Your Venus Sign is Scorpio

The symbolic meaning of the Scorpio sign is to have power and transformation. But let not this symbolism misrepresent the Scorpio sign. Scorpio wants to have a voice and power in knowledge and more intangible fields. This is the reason the astrological positions of many inspectors, magicians or researchers are at the Scorpio sign. And yes, if we talk about financial gains, Scorpio wants to have these too. Power is an important concept and you seek financial values to gain power. Sometimes you may need to make a sacrifice of your financial values, but this either for a cause which you believe you will receive more or it is a gambit (In chess, trying to gain a better position by sacrificing a peon).

You keep the knowledge you had to have financial resources and you wait until the right day comes. Waiting silently for a long time is a specialty of yours. But don’t forget this, when you decide to act, the knowledge you have may be outdated or useless. As your sign consists the transformation symbolism, it is essential for Scorpio Venus people to keep their information and abilities up to date and fresh. Otherwise, you may be disappointed.

A successful Scorpio Venus keep the knowledge and doesn’t share it with anybody. Of course, this means something only if you’re an individualistic. Another good point for you is your ability to transform. Whatever job you have, if you can improve it by “eliminating the faults”, this will multiply your success rate.



One of the world’s richest people, Bill Gates is a Scorpio Venus, just like you. His ability which made him one of the world’s richest people, was to develop something better by eliminating the faults in the programs. (Of course we shouldn’t rule out the other features of the Scorpio he used by trying to own the whole market).

Sometimes, even when you’re in dire circumstances , (Scorpio symbolism, just like some of the water signs, also represents starting anew) as your sign is fertile as the old astrologers say, you will probably have an above average wealth.




Your Venus Sign is Sagittarius

The symbolic meaning of the Sagittarius sign is to spread knowledge or being together with the public order. As a Sagittarius Venus, you’re lucky with finance. You don’t care too much about money. But, the fact that you don’t care about it, also shows that you spend too much. The most important thing for you financially, is to be able take care of yourself without depending on anybody. Your life is based on gaining this freedom.
The knowledge and culture you have, is a subject which is always good for you and supports you whatever profession you have or whatever job you do. You can benefit from the other advantages of the Sagittarius Venus. You would be lucky in jobs consists spreading knowledge or being together with public order, which I said in the first phrase. Like teaching, TV or book publishing. Only thing you need to avoid is spending lavishly.



The founder of Metropolitan Broadcasting Company, and one of the richest men on Earth, John Kluge is also a Sagittarius Venus. If you look into the name of the firm, you will see how fitting it is for Sagittarius Venus.




Your Venus Sign is Capricorn

The symbolic meaning of the Capricorn sign is to rule and to create systems. You need financial resources to prove your individuality and to keep the power in your hand. You are talented in financial subjects, but we can’t say you are very lucky. Capricorn Venus people work very hard but can’t get in return their work’s worth. As they are the ones who make hard decisions, they may not get appreciated. While others may work less and earn more, Capricorn Venus people may need to work more. Especially when young.



You should use the organization talent and the ability to manage people, which you have. Another symbol is to create systems and design.
Steve Jobs who managed to create an operating system from ground zero and of course Apple designs. Steve Jobs was a Capricorn Venus, just like you.





Your Venus Sign is Aquarius

The symbolic meaning of the Aquarius sign is to think marginally. Constantly repeated and accepted methods are not really for you. You will reach financial resources, by using your ability to act with your marginal thinking. You have the capacity to see the difference and do original things by noticing original ideas. Your social relationship web will also be important for reaching financial resources.

It seems more advantageous for you to choose the original thing and value marginal ideas, in whatever job you do. You may also use technology very efficiently.



Just like Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart. Sam Walton, which has the same Venus as you, told this: 1 – Don’t be predictable. 2- Fight the system. Right now, In USA, Wal-Mart is almost as powerful as the US government. Even though it’s a supermarket chain.




Your Venus Sign is Pisces

The symbolic meaning of the Pisces sign is to fertilize and to get into everything. As Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, it is the only sign which has the capacity to contain “everything”. The important thing is the ability to reveal this. Your various interests, so a rich thinking and your ability to get into touch with almost every field, will be beneficial for increasing your financial resources.

Instead of focusing on a single field, it would be better if you tend towards variety. You will see that after a while, even in a field which you think you’re too distracted, you could create a web of relationships and contacts. But of course, use this if you have the organization skills of an average man, unless this distraction may lead to a complete breakdown.



One of the richest people of history, is a Pisces Venus, like you. Bernard Arnault. As I’ve made this research, the last time I’ve checked, Arnault owned 58 very prestigious brands. And was trying to get 2 more.

© 2011, Astrology Turkey – Cited from the presentation at the Financial Astrology Adana Seminar.

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Devrim DÖLEN was born in 3 March 1977 in Istanbul. Before she began her professional career with many astrology and statistics groups which are active in USA and Turkey, she’ve spent 22 years on astrology researches. Since 1999, she shared some of these in peer-review journals and some of them on the internet.

Within the Istanbul Aydin University, she’s the first astrology teacher in Turkey with a YÖK approved certificate.

She is one of the founders of the Gizemciler group founded in 1999. One of the moderators of the Astrology and Astro-Diary group which founded in 2001 and which focuses on astrology and is one of the first communities in Turkey to give astrology lessons in Turkish, Dölen, became one of the 3 founders of the which she co-founded with Devrim Yilmazer and Hakan E. Kayioglu whom she knew more than 10 years. In 2011, she founded the Zodiac Astrology Publishing and the Astrology Academy with Devrim Yilmazer. She has various books and research projects going on.

She created her life style around living with cats, making astrological paintings, designs and dioramas, eco-villages, diving, searching, failing and searching again…



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